Neon Drip Trap-R&B Preset/Expansion Pack

Neon Drip Trap-R&B Preset/Expansion Pack

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Neon Drip adds unique and colorful chords to your arsenal for the Chord Engine 2.0, the Chordz VST and the Cthulhu VST. Neon Drip is created in the style of colorful trap and R&B also including emotional and touchy chord progressions for modern R&B.

Included is a full expansion for the Chord Engine 2.0 including new sound textures, pre-programmed chord progressions and new chords that can be browsed from the "chord browser".  Not only do you get new sounds for the Chord Engine 2.0 but we've also included 10 Omnisphere presets and 10 Serum presets.

Chordz and Cthulhu Presets are Included!!!

Whats in the Pack!

  • Full Chord Engine 2.0 Expansion including Sounds, Progressions and Chord Sets
  • Chord presets for the Chordz VST
  • Cthulhu chord presets
  • 10 Omnisphere presets (2.5 or higher required. Instructions included) 
  • 10 Serum Presets