EMOTION R&B Chord Pack
EMOTION R&B Chord Pack

EMOTION R&B Chord Pack

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We are back with a brand new set of R&B chord progressions. "Emotion" brings you more of those sought-after chord changes and voicings for high-end R&B production.

These chords are ready to be produced. You will find instant inspiration to lay down great R&B music. Each chord progression has been placed into a preset for Chordz, Scaler and Cthulhu to make life easier, allowing you to trigger each chord with just one key on your keyboard.

Emotion carries a feel-good, current and edgy vibe. This pack can be used for any style of current R&B/Hip-hop/Soul production.

What's included:

  • 20 R&B Chord progressions
  • MIDI
  • Scaler 2 presets
  • Chordz presets
  • Cthulhu presets


How to install on Chordz

How to install on Scaler


How to install on Cthulhu