Signature 1.5 R&B Plugin

Signature 1.5 R&B Plugin

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Signature 1.5 is a high fidelity sample-based synthesizer designed specifically for R&B producers. This is our BEST plugin release ever! We updated our technology and personnel to bring you this special VST/AU plugin. The Signature R&B plugin  is dedicated to the latest and most cutting-edge sounds for R&B music. Browse R&B sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow all from one convenient plugin.

Add Movement If you are looking to add movement and interest to your music, Signature makes it just a click away. Easily add modulation and automation to your sounds with just one click. Have fun creating new textures and rhythms with this feature.

All of the Right Effects With all of the right processors and effects, you are free to create endless possibilities. On board EQ's, analyzers, sample degrading and other effects help you craft current sounds. 

What's Included:
  • Over 260 Sounds
  • EQ
  • Audio Analyzer
  • Sample Degrader
  • Bit Crusher
  • Saturation
  • Phaser
  • Reverb
  • Dual Delay
  • Chorus
  • Legato, Glide
  • Filter
  • Movement Modulation
  • Keys
  • Pads
  • Bass
  • Bells
  • Plucks
  • Vocal
  • Leads
  • Transition effects
  • Guitar Licks